Learn to Swim programme

See below information on our leading Learn to Swim programme. There is something for everybody for further information please contact us. 

Swifty's Adult & Child 

Our Adult & Child swimming programme is a carefully designed learn to swim programme for babies. The aim is to provide a developmental journey from the first splash who leaves every lesson with a smile on their face. Babies can join from 3 months onwards and must be accompanied by an adult confident in water. 

Swifty's Babies (3-9 months) - It is never to early to learn to swim. Swifty's babies is our baby swimming lessons perfect for children aged 3-9 months old. This is a great way for babies to get familiar through exploration and movement in the water. In addition, it is a nice bonding time for a child and parent. 

Swifty's Tots (10-20 months) - Swifty's tots is our baby swimming lessons perfect for 10 to 20 months old. Babies will explore the water through age appropriate fun games whilst learning about water pressure. 

As a parent you will learn the various ways to hold your baby in the water, in a way that best supports their development. 

Swifty's Splash (21-36 months)  - Swifty's splash is our learn to swim lessons perfect for children aged 21 - 36 months old. Your child will learn water safety, improves coordination and balance through happy songs and fun games. This programme focuses on breath control and buoyancy, helping your child become independent swimmers. 

Swifty's Mini Swimmers

This is our unique programme for our swimmers to learn the fundamentals within the pool. This programme is designed for when swimmers make their first splash to when they make they start to make their first swim across the pool. Our lessons will be based on adventure and fun for your swimmers to start their swimming journey.

This part of the programme follows the following Swim England stages:

• Ducklings

• Stage 1

• Stage 2 

Swifty's Skills School

This part of our programme is when swimmers start to develop their technique in all 4 strokes. This is a perfect transition for our swimmers from Swifter’s swimmers. The skills school is divided into four stages.

This part of the programme follows the following Swim England stages:

          • 8+ Beginner
          • Stage 3 
          • Stage 4
          • Stage 5 

Adult Learn to Swim

We understand that not everyone has had access to swimming lessons, and that learning to swim as an adult can be a daunting experience. Our staff are supportive and give adults an opportunity to learn an important life skill.

Private Swimming Lessons

Private lessons are a fantastic way to get a real head start in swimming. Giving swimmers individual attention from our qualified swimming teachers. We offer 1:1 or 2:1 private lessons. We have availability across both locations enquire today for further details!