About Us

What are our core values?


At Swift Swimmers safety is our number one priority. The safety of all stakeholders in our business is important. All of our staff go through extensive regular training.


We are committed to providing a professional and friendly service. Our swimmers are also committed to our swimming programme to ensure that they progress.


At Swift Swimmers we want our swimmers to be successful. We are dedicated to ensure that swimmers progress well in our programme from high quality teaching.  


Our swim school is committed to developing our swimmers not just in swimming but as a young person. Our lessons will be taught through fun and adventure. This will ensure that our swimmers are engaged within our programme. 

Our mission statement...

Swift Swimmers Swim School are dedicated to providing access to a swimming programme for all age and abilities from all areas of the community. Using nationally recognised programmes such as Swim England and the RLSS.

The swim school will provide an all-inclusive programme that can be enjoyed by all and recognises the values and diversity of swimmers. We will embed a behaviour of hard work and high expectations that will reflect in the progression of our swimmers through their swimming journey.

All staff in our Swim School will be highly qualified and regularly trained to ensure that our swimmers receive the highest standard of education.   

Our Team

Luke Davis 


After being a competitive swimmer since the age of 7, at 14 I found a love for teaching and coaching. I have been teaching swimming for over 8 years and I love seeing swimmers progress. I have taught a range of abilities and ages from babies, adults, and squads. I spent a year in the Middle East teaching and coaching at a world class swimming academy that produces Olympic swimmers. I believe that everyone’s swimming journey should be individual and personalised. I cannot wait to see you at the pool soon!

Danielle Davis


I was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 where I spent early mornings and late evenings in the pool preparing me to compete for the county and my team. I spent some time coaching swimming at a local swimming club where I enjoyed seeing my little swimmers compete for the very first time. I believe that swimming is an essential life skill and an amazing discipline. I have a wealth of knowledge in customer service and I am happy to support you in your swimming journey. I love to travel and in previous jobs I flew around the world learning about different cultures therefore I can adapt to different customer needs. I look forward to assisting you to reach your goals.

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